Friday, September 4, 2009

A Beer Commerical Worthy of My Respect

I like this. I like it because rather than the unnaturally-tanned flesh of bikini-clad young women who--wittingly or unwittingly--project an impossible-to-attain image of physical perfection, it showcases something of true beauty: my hometown.

The music's a little lame. The contrived pageantry more than a little overwrought... but, c'mon, guys, it's a beer commerical. Much worse has been (and damn near always is) done. And there's something here that you gotta like. Especially if you're smitten for Chicago the way I am.


  1. Or maybe I should say nicely captured. Or both.

  2. Hey, let me know if you want to "guest post" at my blog at some point.

    I'm in a creative rut. And it might bring a few more people to this here abode.

  3. Yeah, let me think of something.


  4. cool, take your time. Send it to me whenever you think of something and I'll copy, paste & post.