Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween is Over; You Know What That Means...

I've been pretty busy lately and blogging has been low on the priority list. So the first post in a while is an occasion to take note of. I wrote a poem (trust me: I use the term loosely) to celebrate.

Winter Solstice

Stop the presses, it's happened again. Mountain of candy still digesting. I always buy too much and can't give it all away. Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that steak sandwich, will ya. Funny, I don't recall being asked if I wanted an image of Santa Claus on my Coca Cola can. It's official: The annual Red And Green Stampede. The Running Of The Bullshit. Run with the herd or get swept down the street. Swipe your card, please. Would you like cash back. We offer gift wrapping downstairs. Downtown. Midtown. Middle of the road. In the middle of 34th Street, watch carefully as the Empire State Building sheds that lovely orange and again dons a clashing color palette. Exactly ten minutes after sundown and you can see them go on. Check your cellphone clocks. The race is about to begin. On your mark. Get Set. Go to the mall with me this weekend. I don't envy the guy who has to unlock those doors. Up to fifty percent off. Up to here with this nonsense. Nice hat. Nice try. This wallet stays in the front pocket. This wallet stays put as mister sidewalk purse salesman cuts deals. Are you kidding me. That leather is so fake. How many animals would you say that coat is made of. How many hours would you say it took them to put up that tree. Let's go ice skating. Let's not do gifts this year. Let's go home, it's freezing out here. Freeze on the dotted white lane marker. This matador leaves the red fabric at home and opts for shopping bags with half-nude male models. They heed not. Hey asshole, I'm walking here. Some people. Some city. Somehow I knew you'd end up here.


  1. This is New York in holiday season.

    This is so fucking New York in holiday season.

    I fell in love for the duration of this. I'm not sure with what or whom, or if it just extended all of my emotions outward, but I like the poem.

    Especially, for some reason (other than rhyme):
    Let's go ice skating. Let's not do gifts this year. Let's go home, it's freezing out here.

  2. The rhyme was actually an accident. Wierd, huh?


  3. Yep! That's XMAS anywhere... except for the specific NYC references, I mean.

    Let's start calling it PAY-MAS. That has a Spanglish double meaning.

  4. Hey, nerkles...what DOES PAY-MAS mean in Spanish?